benefits of chicken

Posted by Kaz on 25th Feb 2023

Benefits of chickens

Raising backyard chickens has many benefits. For one, it provides a source of fresh eggs for your family to enjoy. Chickens are also great for pest control, as they will eat insects and other small critters that might be found in your backyard. Additionally, chickens make great pets and can be a fun addition to your family. Their waste can be used for fertilizer as their manure is a great source of nutrients for your garden. Raising backyard chickens can also be a great educational opportunity for children, teaching them about responsibility and where food comes from. It is also an easy way to be more self-sufficient by raising your own food.

Children around animals

Raising children around livestock or on a farm can be a valuable experience for them. They can learn about the responsibilities of caring for animals, as well as the importance of hard work and self-sufficiency. They also learn about the life cycles and natural behaviors of animals, as well as the connection between nature and food. Also, being around animals has been found to be beneficial for children's emotional and mental development, it can help them to develop empathy, compassion and self-esteem. Furthermore, children who grow up on a farm or around livestock have a greater appreciation for where their food comes from and the hard work that goes into producing it.