Grow Outs

Hello all! We know everyone wants hens, and most can't have roosters. Or maybe you just don't want to deal with the hassle of raising chicks in a brooder box! Then our grow out program is what you've been looking for! 

We will grow out any of our breeds for five months. At this point males can be weeded out, the pullets will have been off heat for some time and living in a coop/run; ready for their new homes. 

How the process works:

1. Place your order, make sure you select the grow out tab!

2. An initial confirmation email will be sent.

3. Update emails will be sent including:

  • once the eggs have been set in the incubator providing a hatch date and approximate pick up
  • once the eggs have hatched 
  • once the chicks are moved to a coop/run
  • a month before the approximate pick up date--this email will include a list of dates and times to choose from to schedule your pick up or delivery

4. You select the appointment time that will work for you and we'll reply letting you know your appointment is confirmed. 

5. Pick up/Delivery!!


If there are other breeds you're interested in other than what's listed, let us know. We'd be happy to grow them out for you!


Our grow out option is the only time we will guarantee pullets. If you happen to end up with a roo, we will switch it out for a pullet. Just provide a picture and order number. 




We strive to provide a healthy environment for our birds to thrive. We have standards of care to prevent infections and common chicken illnesses as well as providing safety for our flock. **We are not responsible for what happens to birds after they leave our farm.** We are happy to answer any and all questions.