Rooster Buy-Back

Rooster Buy Back


Sexing a chicken is very difficult, especially with the breeds we've chosen to raise. 

Since many people are unable to have roosters and those who can have roosters usually don't want more than one or two for their flock, we offer a "buy-back" program. 


...AND SO we will "buy back" your roosters at 4 months of age. We believe it is easiest to sex roosters from hens at this age and it should catch any before they crow. 


We offer $5 in store credit for any Big Pine Hatchery hatched rooster in healthy condition. We will even pick up your roosters if you get chick delivery on your next order! Just email customer service with a picture of the Roo and the order number from the hatch to set up your rooster refund!



  • there must be a picture of the rooster and the order number emailed to customer service in order to start the process
  • rooster must be from Big Pine Hatchery
  • rooster must be healthy (no respiratory illness, mites or skin issues, bloody stool, malnourishment, or obvious signs of neglect)
  • this offer can be denied by Big Pine Hatchery for any other reason.